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DykeLove Firsts: A Lesbian BDSM Erotic Romance ...
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Small town girl in the big city.... Kaylee Hall wants to supplement her weeknight college courses with a day job. Luckily, she's got an interview with Dr. Monica Halverson, who might just find the perfect candidate to fill the open position. "The Interview" is a lesbian medical BDSM erotic romance. A final exam not to forget.... Caught freeloading at the refill counter while studying for her last final, Amber Hawkins is escorted to the manager's office. On-site supervisor Elise Yarwood plans to teach the crafty woman some lessons she will never forget. "The Interrogation" is a lesbian new adult spanking romance. A room of their own.... Transfer student Taylor Sachs is inquiring about a room that's closer to campus. Left to foot the bill on the entire rent, Qianna Reeves posts on the student bulletin about the open room and finds a very suitable candidate. "The Inquiry" is an interracial lesbian new adult bondage romance. Dykelove Firsts is a lesbian BDSM erotic romance short story collection written by Jacintha Topaz. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Carolyne Summers. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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